Ana wrote four statements to describe circle S. Statements: AB is a diameter. ST , SP and SQ are radii. SQ = 12 cm PQ = 12 cm Are the statements correct? In two or more complete sentences, use circle S and Ana’s statements to justify your answer.

Accepted Solution

Two of the four statements that Ana wrote are correct. Number 1, "AB is a diameter" is incorrect, and so is number 3, "SQ = 12 cm". AB is not a diameter because it is instead a chord. "ST , SP and SQ are radii" is correct because they are straight lines from the center of the circle to the circumference of the circle, which is the exact definition of radius. The third statemet is incorrect because since ST is a radius and it equals 6, that means all radii are equal to 6. SQ is a radius of circle S, so it should also equal 6, not 12. The last statement is correct because PQ is a diameter of circle S. By rule, the diameter is always equal to double of the radius. The radius is 6, so 6 x 2= 12.