The school band is ordering health bars to sell for a fundraiser. The company that sells the bars charges $0.40 per bar plus $20.00 for shipping regardless of the size of the order. The band must spend less than $200.00 on bars for the fundraiser. The inequality below relates x, the number of bars that could be ordered, with the shipping costs and their spending requirements.0.40x + 20 < 200Which best describes the number of bars the band can order?They can order from 0 to 449 bars, but no more.They can order from 0 to 450 bars, but no more.Their order must contain 451 bars or more.Their order must contain 452 bars or more.

Accepted Solution

Step-by-step explanation:just think it through :0.4x + 20 < 2000.4x < 180x < 180/0.4 = 450so, x < 450they must order less than 450 bars.therefore, the first answer option is correct :they can order from 0 to 449 bars, but no more.